1/43 scale Precision Police Vehicle Replicas

We are proud to offer the awesome First Response line of diecast 1/43 scale Police Vehicles.  These are the most detailed and accurate 1/43 police collectibles available!

The vehicle replicas come in a display case, and are accurate to each agency - authentic paint scheme, lightbar, detailed interior, antennas, spotlights, push bumpers, license plates and more.  No opening features (except Crown Victoria).

In Stock:

-1/43 Las Vegas, NV Police Ford Crown Victoria--$16.95
(as seen on The Hangover)

-1/43 Linden County, GA Sheriff Ford Crown Victoria--$16.95
(as seen on The Walking Dead)


-1/43 New York State Police 1950 Ford--$19.95


-PREMIER EDITION 1/43 Texas Railroad Police Ford Crown Victoria--$12.95


First Response Replicas is now a Greenlight Collectibles company.  To view current releases and to see what's coming, please go to our Greenlight page.


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